What makes us different


NAMAVAS is now providing different solutions for MCI which is the biggest operator in the middle east. This includes State of the art technology used in NAMA platforms and also 24/7 supporting service has made it a reliable for all subscribers.

Tailored solutions with dedicated support services

We are providing tailored solutions for operators, VAS providers and all the organizations, which are looking for their own value added services for their customers. Understanding client`s current and future needs is an ability, which enables us able deliver the services that are even higher than the expected primary level of quality. This is completed by our full dedicated support system that brings a new definition of trust to our clients.


Short time but high quality

Our experienced teams in both technical and support departments provide fastest services with highest possible quality. This characteristic of MAPFA has made it really differentiated among market players. Mixing brilliant minds from most talented communities in Iran with its proved and tested technology, altogether with high emphasizing on being fast in developing the solutions and simultaneously precise and comprehensive are factors which convince our partners to keep working with us.

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